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Mountain Biking for 24 Hours!

24 hours is a very long time, it’s 1,440 minutes and 86,400 seconds! A typical 24 hour period contains: eating 4 meals, putting in a days work, maybe watching TV, hopefully exercising and getting roughly 5-7 hours of sleep. Continue reading

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February Vacation is Just Around the Corner. What are Your Kids Doing?

Having fun at ski camp! Polly the Penguin and Percy the Polar Bear here, getting our skis prepped for some fun and games on skis. Continue reading

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Racing after a Caribbean vacation

Taking a week long vacation filled with warm sun, sandy beaches, and food available 24 hours isn’t the ideal taper week for a race as grueling both mentally and physically as the Porky Gulch Classic, but I survived, and actually had some fun. Continue reading

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