A Lovely Guest Experience with our Sit Ski

Dear Howie,

Thank you for having a sit ski at Great Glen. I’ve been alpine skiing for decades and started to slow down recently because it takes a toll on my one and only leg. My husband loves to cross country ski and I’ve wanted to join him. I was surprised and delighted with the staff, equipment, your trails and my ability.

Most of all I want you to know that Dan, Eli and Steven are terrific. I asked Dan when we arrived if he knew of any adaptive equipment for cross country, he was knowledgeable and encouragingly sent me to Eli. Eli got the sit ski out, set me up in it with poles and carried it outside. He shared what he knew about the equipment and made great suggestions about the trails. He, too, was encouraging. When I had worn myself out, I pulled over to one of the little buildings by the gate and waved down Steven in the van. He happily loaded me and the equipment in the van, made his designated rounds back to the lodge and kindly retrieved my crutches from the equipment room and returned the sit ski for me.

These men and their friendly, knowledgeable, and positive responses to my special needs made a new, somewhat anxiety provoking, experience a can-do adventure and opened lots of possibilities for more winter fun.

Kim Cox

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