XC Ski Camp!

It was all fun and games during this year’s Penguins and Polar Bears! Kids ages 6 – 11 joined us in the morning for a three day ski camp, led by Sue and Kelly. Together they played games on skis including Flag Snatch, Red Light Green Light, Sharks and Minnows and Moose in the Trail. The games helped them work on their balance and becoming more comfortable on their skis without really being aware of it.

One game named Moose in the Trail was new to me, so I figured I’d watch. The kids line up at the top of a short hill and the first skier begins to descend. The next in line yells “Moose!” which causes the skier to stop as quick as they can to avoid the moose in the trail. It’s a great way to practice stopping and being in control at all times – plus getting to yell “MOOSE!!” really, really loud is always fun!

Lined up for Moose in the Trail

"You want to make sure you get this edge of your skis into the snow to help you stop"

After the games and some snacks and water, the group splits. The Polar Bears (ages 9-11) ski with Sue and the Penguins (ages 6-8) ski with Kelly. They both go exploring our trail system and work on their form. They also participate in our Trails Tracker Scavenger Hunt searching for all the animals and collecting stamps for their Trails Tracker cards.

Join us next winter for some great games and activities on snow. You’ll have a blast becoming a much better skier!!
Penguins and Polar Bears Ski Camps are offered over Christmas Break and February Vacation.

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