Fall Fitness for Women – FEWABS

2011-10-11_09-51-50_531What are FEWABS?
An outdoor fitness program to help participants develop:
Whole body involvement
alance and


Who: Females, ages 16- adult. Classes will be lead by Sue Wemyss, longtime ski and fitness instructor at Great Glen Trails, and 1984 Olympian in cross country skiing.

When: Mondays 9:30-11:00 a.m. beginning September 15, 2014 for 6 weeks, through October 27, 2014 (no class on October 13)
Thursdays 9:30-11:00a.m beginning September 18, 2014 for 6 weeks, through October 23, 2014.

The Monday class is designed to be the more challenging of the two, and will include running, dynamic leg drills and core strength routines.  The Thursday class will utilize nordic walking for cardio development and circuit training for strength. Both classes will include warm-up, balance and agility exercises and stretching.

Where: Great Glen Trails. We will plan to do outdoor activities in all but the most inclement weather, so dress accordingly. In the event of heavy rain, snow or hail, we will have an indoor space to utilize.

Why: Being more fit makes physical activities (like skiing and snowshoeing), easier and more fun. Working out with a group can increase motivation and fun. The trails, meadows and beautiful scenery here at Great Glen provide interest and inspiration not found in the confines of a gym or health club!

How: Participants can join for the whole six-week program for $50, or attend single sessions at $12/session. Activities will include but not be limited to: Nordic walking, partner and balance exercises, stretching, circuit training, and games. Participants should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and athletic footwear. Rain jacket when necessary. Great Glen can provide Nordic walking poles, or participants can bring their own. The activities and exercise will be structured to take into account differences in individual fitness levels, so that all participants can be appropriately challenged at their current level.

To Register: call or email Sue Wemyss at Great Glen Trails, 603.466.2333, ext 148, sue@greatglentrails.com, by Wednesday, September 10 to register. A minimum number of 6 participants are required to hold the program; if such number is not reached by September 10, the program will be canceled and registrants notified September 11. The maximum number of participants for the program is 16.

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