Rules & Info

1. Registration/Check in: Registration will take place at Great Glen Trails Rental Shop located on the first floor of the lodge. Each week you will need to stop at the desk and see the Race Registrar to get checked in and receive your bib. You will get the same bib number each week. Bibs must be returned to the timing crew immediately after your race.

2. Warming up: Your bib must be covered while warming up. This assists the timing crew with making sure no mistakes are made.

3. Ready to race: When you are ready to log your time you will need to check in at the Carl Johnson Memorial Timing Shack located after the tunnel on the right. Please be courteous and patient when talking with the timing crew. When appropriate uncover your bib and tell the timing crew your bib number and whether you are going to race skate or classic and long or short. The timing crew will let you know when to start.

4. Start/Finish: The timing crew will let you know how much time is left before you start. You should be ready to go and near the start line no less than one minute before your start time. After you have finished your race please return your bib to the timing bin as soon as possible. This will assist the timing crew with not making mistakes with racers times.

5. Race Course: Participants have the option of skiing the long course which is 5.5km in length or the short course which is 3km and is also available for young skiers.

6. Check your time: Times will be unofficial until age adjustments have been calculated. You may ask what your unofficial time is only when convenient for the timing crew.

7. Official times: Official times will be available at the front desk at Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center, posted on the Nordic Meisters page, published in the Conway Daily Sun on Friday and emailed to competitors who list their email address.

8. Award qualification: A racer must complete six out of the eight races to be qualified for the prize lottery. To be placed in the final standings for performance awards, a racer must complete six out of eight races in either skate or classic.

9. No “flying starts” – Racers must start at starting line from a standstill.

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