Outdoor Fun Fitness Program

This fitness program is designed for boys and girls in grades 4 through 8 to improve physical fitness while having fun outdoors at Great Glen Trails! Games of Who Stole My Moose? Kick the Can, Hares N’ Hounds; forest trail runs, obstacle courses, balance and agility challenges and more make up this program Led by Sue Wemyss: Ski School Director, Kayak Guide, and 1984 U.S. Olympian, Cross Country Skiing.

Outdoor Fun Fitness, great glen trailsSessions take place outdoors in the forest and fields of Great Glen Trails in Pinkham Notch.
We will do a warmup with running, jumping and stretching exercises. Activities include games, obstacle courses, agility and muscle-strengthening exercises, trail running and hiking.

Program is on Saturdays in September from 9:00am – 11:00 am and runs for 6 weeks
2015 dates: TBD
$25 for six weeks $5 for individual session

Call or email Sue to register: (603) 466-2333 ext 148  sue@greatglentrails.com
Limited availability

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