Women’s Winter Escape!

“Let’s get the Coach!”  one woman exhorts the other three in our fast-paced game of Flag Snatch.  For a split second I’m delighted to have so quickly attained this vaulted status.  Then it’s time to get moving as four women quickly converge, arms outstretched, reaching to grab one of the colored flags tucked in my waistband.  I wiggle left past one, right past another and . . . I’m in the clear!  But the circle defining our game field is small and they are soon chasing after me again.  Who could guess that some of these women are on skate skis for the first time, the way they are accelerating, turning, dodging, starting, and stopping?

A couple of Ski Game sessions were just a small part of our Women’s Winter Escape this past weekend at Great Glen.  It was the fifth year of this annual program.  Sixteen women came to take ski, yoga and snowshoe clinics, share delicious meals, experience snow tubing, enjoy a massage, learn about food as fuel and laugh at me while I modeled long underwear in our “functional” Fashion Show. (Well, not really the latter.)

Hey but the modeling worked, the next morning I spotted one of our attendees wearing her new Smartwool  zip turtleneck with the “jail break” theme  I’d donned Saturday night.  Yes, shopping was also another popular activity.  The first day of the weekend coincided with Great Glen’s Demo Day—a day when several ski equipment representatives arrived with fleets of skis and boots for our skiing public to try.  It was a great chance to “try before you buy”, and a number of woman went home happy with new equipment purchases.

Mary, Kelly, Meg and I were the fortunate Great Glen folk who got to share the fun of this weekend with “the ladies”, (as Mary calls them.)  We were joined in our hosting, teaching and guiding efforts by Janet and Sindi, Nate (yeah, we let one boy in—he’s our awesome fashion show MC), Lori Kinsey of Tin Mountain Conservation Center, Roberta Balon, nutritionist for AVH, Suzanne the massage therapist, Donna Smyth from Keene State College, Leslie Krichko, an ’80 and ’88 Olympic Nordic skier and Anya Bean, daughter of former WWE instructor Jennifer Caldwell and a student-ski racer at UNH.  Of the sixteen women attendees, seven were returnees.    The camaraderie, support, shared conversation and smiles amongst all these wonderful women make this one of my very favorite weekends of the winter. – Sue Wemyss

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