A look into the Appalachian Mountain Club’s 5 Day Bike Camp

When I’m not in the office, out taking photos or putting together blogs, I’m a Mountain Bike Guide. I lead trips anywhere from one day, here on Great Glen Trails, up to five days here, and in the Mt. Washington Valley for the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC).  My first trip this summer was guiding a group of teens from AMC’s Teen Wilderness Adventures program. We had a blast and had perfect weather four out of the five days! The first two days started on the easier carriage roads of Great Glen Trails with some instruction and getting comfortable on the bike. Then when riders are all ready for singletrack, which is similar to a hiking trail – narrow, rocky, rooty and technical, we have a turtle race. Last to cross the finish line is the winner. This works on balance for when you need to ride a bit slower on the singletrack trails. It rained for most of the second day but we rode the carriage roads, tried some singletrack and did some map work. I taught them how to use our trail map and we split into three groups. Each group drew their own route to three different locations I had circled. Each location was found with some time and a little help from myself and the two AMC instructors, Shawna and Anthony. Then it rained and poured but we don’t melt so we rode on!

Day three brought dry weather and a ride at Moose Brook State Park. The roots were still wet, but the long climb up to Perimeter for a fun descent, was worth it!

Day four we enjoyed the nice flowy single track at Cedar Creek and a few bridges!

And on the last day we rocked it at Sticks and Stones, smooth singletrack and added elements to test your skills, balance and nerves. Then we did some circuits on the pump track. A pump track is a continuous loop of berms and rollers that you can ride without pedaling. It’s tricky, at first, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be speeding around the loop. -Meg

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