With lots of traffic on trails and the sun shining for most of the morning, week 1 of Nordic Meisters was a blast, and I got to be right in the middle of it. I was a timer! Kelly showed me how intense it can get. I needed to be really focused and have a good eye. Racers finishing. Racers starting. Racers asking for their times. The general public skiing. Gawking at the view. Snowshoers finishing from behind me. Racers warming up and cooling down. Coaches giving lessons. It came at me pretty fast, but being the outdoors enthusiast that I am, I loved every minute of it.

There are a few different categories to participate in; skate, classic and snowshoe; timed and un-timed; and you can race on the short (2.7k) or long course (5k). If you feel intimidated by racing on skis, just come out and try the course and have fun with it. Maybe by the 3rd or 4th week you’d be ready to race for a time and the following week work towards being a little faster. For the snowshoers out there you have your own course, which wanders through the peaceful woods out behind the lodge.

I compete in all of the race series here at Great Glen Trails and I am always excited to see the different types of racers. From the super competitive, (I admit, I am definitely in this category) the recreational, the first timers and of course, the numerous families who pack everything but the kitchen sink in the car. The best part is the pot-luck style awards party and raffle we host at the conclusion of each series. There is always lots of neat food to be eaten along with the comparison of stories from the previous weeks adventures. If you meet the requirement for each series, you are entered into the raffle with great prizes from our sponsors and as always “trading is encouraged”!

It doesn’t matter what type of “racer” you are just come out and have fun.

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