Northeast Passage visits Great Glen Trails

Athletes and students were here today from Northeast Passage. Northeast Passage is a therapeutic recreation organization based out of the University of NH in Durham. They are committed to helping people with disabilities stay active all year round. They started the day off with a clinic on waxing and then hit the trails. Some are training for competition while others are becoming more comfortable on skis. The coaches took some footage in order analyze their technique, which is very helpful. I was out on the trails and got to see how much upper body strength is involved, and it’s pretty impressive. One racer, Marlon Shepard will be racing in the World Cup in Germany next month.

The athletes are honored to have Jon Kreamelmeyer here from Colorado, sharing his expertise in disabled skiing. Since 2008, Jon has been the US Adaptive Cross Country Development Coach and has been involved with disabled skiers since the early 90’s. Cathy Thompson, Program Specialist and Nordic Coach from Northeast Passage organized the trip. She also provided lots of feedback as the skiers were practicing. Eileen Carey, from New England Nordic Ski Association, was also here helping with the training along with a few other coaches. Some are racing at Jackson XC tomorrow in either the 3k or 5k courses. Good luck racers! For more information visit Northeast Passage’s website.

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