Warming up the Nordic Body

Joan Benoit Samuelson, Dick Beardsley, Andy Newell, Sue Wemyss (flattery gets you everywhere!), Carol’s son, Kikkan Randall (2 votes), Randy Moss, Martina Navratilova, Victoria’s grandfather. These were the people that the folks in Great Glen’s Nordic Warm up class came up with, in answer to my request, “Name an athlete that you admire.”

I like to start my classes with a quick-answer question each week; as a way to learn a little more about the group’s participants. There’s not meant to be a right or wrong answer, though I was pleased to hear cross country skiers gaining our fair share of votes amongst runners, a football player, tennis player, ski jumper and sailor.

Then it’s onto our activities: on foot, on skis and even on the floor (core strengthening exercises.) We’ve been fortunate to get on snow for both sessions of our class this December. The first week we delved into skate technique, yesterday it was classic.

Undaunted by the damp weather, our group of ten skiers diagonal strided without poles, pushed themselves along the tracks with poles only, sought the timing and balance required for kick double pole, and found their positioning over their skis with a shuffling drill. I finished wet and happy with the group’s progress. We’ll start the New Year off right with our final session of the program, practicing sections of this year’s Nordic Meister course on January 1. Thanks for the tracks, Howie!  ~Sue

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