Why Aren’t You Guys Here?

Hi Everyone, Steven here, Group Sales and Assistant Events Director.

It’s an amazing day here at the Mt. Washington Auto Road and Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center. New snow from yesterday, the sun shining and my meeting today is with Mother Nature and a pair of snowshoes.


The northern Presidentials- (l to r) Mt. Jefferson, Adams, & Madison.


Mt Adams and Mt. Madison


DSCN3909 DSCN3902 DSCN3903

It’s only my first week here and can I say what a lucky guy I am. Amazing co-workers, beautiful conditions and views, this is why I live and work in the best place on earth.

Hope to see all of you soon, have a great day. :)

Steven explored the Aqueduct Loop on snowshoes the day after the storm. It is a gorgeous 3 mile loop on the South side of Rt 16 behind the lodge with incredible views.

trailmap AQ



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