Wild Weather for Meisters

The course was ever changing this week. We had fresh corduroy in the morning with light snow. It kept coming, making some drifts for the afternoon racers. That’s the fun of Pinkham Notch! I was out on course this week capturing all the racing. Most of whom had no idea I was just off the trail in the woods. I’ve never taken photos of a race, but I race a lot so I knew of what type of shots I wanted. The morning was calm and the snow was falling lightly, it was one of the most peaceful times in my life. The woods were still and I was alone, but amongst racers. I didn’t want to distract or scare any of the racers so I did the best I could to blend into my surroundings. I had a lot of fun finding and trying to get in and out of some of the spots. In the afternoon I was in the timing building with Christine and her dog, Ben. That’s when the conditions changed. Many racers returned saying they couldn’t see the trail and the drifts were high. It was pretty exciting, can’t wait to see what next week brings.

Great form Susan!

Nordic Meisters week 3

Peace and quiet in the woods.

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