Paddling the Androscoggin

I hit the river this morning on our 1/2 day paddling trip! Guided by Nate Harvey, Paddling Director, it was myself and the Robinsons from Pennsylvania.

The skies weren’t looking favorable, and as soon as we got in the river it started to rain. We didn’t mind, seeing as it’s the hottest day of the year! After almost 3 miles of instruction and getting comfortable in our boats, Nate asked if anyone wanted to do a wet exit: tipping the boat over. Right away we had a volunteer! She wanted to face her fear of tipping and going under. She flipped so fast I didn’t catch her on camera, but, luckily, we had another volunteer!

We saw two bald eagles: an adolescent and a full grown adult fly down river in front of us. Their wing span can reach up to 7 feet! We also spotted some sparrows which make their homes in the banks along the river. The soil is very cool, and they are safe from most predators.

We had some fun with paddle tricks, spinning it around our necks and tossing it up to see how many times we could clap before catching it. The all time record stands at 7, but it wasn’t by Nate!

It rained on and off for most of the trip, but it was refreshing, and we all had a great time! -Meg

Look like fun to you?  Check out the details or to make a reservation call (603) 466-2333.

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