A Teachers Workshop on Trails

Yesterday, the Tin Mountain Conservation Center (TMCC) held a teachers workshop here on our trails, and I was very surprised what we found alongside the trails. Teachers from northern New Hampshire came for an information filled afternoon. TMCC provided them will all sorts of ideas for a field trip in the woods. From making binoculars to counting rings in a tree or from hiding critters along the trails to matching the color of bark with a paint sample, the teachers came away with some great ideas for their students.

We went for a short walk on the trail system and discovered frog eggs, found a toad, saw moose tracks, and pulled all sorts of critters out of the pond and tried identifying them. We put them back of course. I am usually running, biking or skiing and never really pay attention to the ground and bodies of water on our trail system, but I will definitely make time to slow down and explore more. And you should too! You’ll be amazed at what you might find!   -Meg

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