Nordic Walking

FEWBS--WebNordic Walking is a low-impact, whole body activity that improves cardiovascular fitness, increases calorie burn over walking and exercises the upper body muscles and the legs for strength and endurance.

Nordic Walking is an improved overall workout than walking by adding poles to match each step, just like nordic skiing. You’ll experience an increased heart rate without feeling like you are exerting any more effort. The added motion of the upper body works your arm, shoulder and upper chest muscles, an area which becomes very tight and weak from too much time hunching over a desk or computer. The use of poles will assist walkers with any leg, knee or balance problems. Nordic Walking will also help release stress-related tension and knots in the neck and shoulder muscles.

Great Glen Trails offers Nordic Walking poles free of charge, and there is no fee to use the trail system for Nordic Walking.

Nordic Walking at Great Glen Trails:

Course maps available in the lodge

  • 2.5 km beginner flat course
  • 4.5 km intermediate course of rolling hills
  • 7 km advanced hilly course