Teen Wilderness Adventures

Kayaking and Mountain Biking Guides here at Great Glen work with the Appalachian Mountain Club’s Teen Wilderness Adventures Programs.

Whitewater Kayaking

During this thrilling session, you will navigate the rapids of rivers such as the Androscoggin and Magalloway. Using provided equipment we will learn kayaking techniques, how to read the river, and how to use the currents to your advantage. Programs will start on flatwater, then move onto quickwater, and finally onto Class I, II, and possibly III whitewater. Instruction will be provided by Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center (ACA certified) along with AMC instructors. We will stay at a campground and paddle during the day.

The following trips are guided with Great Glen:
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2016 Whitewater Dates:
7 Day Backpack and Whitewater Kayak (Ages 13-15)  June 27-July 3

7 Day Backpack and Whitewater Kayak (Ages 14-16)  July 3- July 9

7 Day Backpack and Whitewater Kayak (Ages 13-15)  July 11 – July 17

9 Day Backpack and Whitewater Kayak (Ages 14-16) July 16-July 24

8 Day Hike, Rock Climb and Whitewater Kayak (Ages 14-16)  July 23 – July 30

7 Day Whitewater Adventure (with ELC) (Ages 14-16)  August 7-August 13

5 Day Beginner Whitewater Kayak  August 17-August 21

Mountain Biking

Explore some of the best mountain-bike terrain in New Hampshire. You’ll start on Great Glen Trails Outdoor Center’s private bike trails to hone your skills on dirt roads, single track, and double track before venturing to other acclaimed areas for longer rides. Learn to shift like a pro, cross streams and logs, make field repairs, climb and descend with confidence, and be comfortable with varying terrain. Guides from Great Glen will join your AMC instructors to lead your rides. At the end of the day, retire to a campground for dinner and a swim. Mountain biking sections are designed for beginner to intermediate bikers to ensure that everyone is comfortable riding together. We recommend bringing your own bike if you have one, but pre-serviced bikes are available and included in the cost of the program.

2016 Mountain Biking Dates:
6 Day Mountain Bike & Secret Swimming Holes – (Ages 13-16 Girls Only)  June 27-July 2

6 Day Mountain Bike & Secret Swimming Holes – (Ages 14-16)  July 10 – July 15

6 Day Mountain Bike & Secret Swimming Holes
(Ages 15-18) July 24 – July 29  Canceled