Local Biathlete named to National Junior Team

Keep your eye out for local racer Sean Doherty of Conway, NH / Kennett High Ski Team, as he tests his ski speed and accuracy at the 2011 Youth/Junior World Championships of Biathlon being held in Nove Mesto, Czech Republic. This World Championship series of races take place 1/29/11 through 2/5/11 over in the snowy Czech mountains. Biathlon is the sport that many know from the Olympic stage in which one combines the unique mix of cross country ski racing and the precision of rifle marksmanship.

Often skiing up here at the trails and terrain of Great Glen Trails, many have come to know this fine young racer and his exceptional attitude and approach to the passion of skiing. Sean has exhibited strong drive and clear dedication through his biathlon training with national level coaches over the last couple of years. This speedy 15 year-old’s competitive fire and hard work has clearly paid off. His speed and quality marksmanship resulted in him making the USA National Youth Team. So far this 2011 season, Sean continues to post some excellent times in the Kennett High ski circuit, winning both races so far, as he prepares for the coming trip to Europe. He’ll arrive in the Czech Republic a week early with the National Youth/Junior team to compete in high level warm up races to rev up the ski engine for the big championship races that follow in Nove Mesto. Here at Great Glen Trails and around the Mount Washington Valley we’ll be watching the excitement and wishing fast racing and a great experience for this dedicated young athlete. He will have the opportunity to race in 4 different races as part of these Youth World Championships.

The races begin later this month where he’ll surely be powering his way on the tracks and racing amongst Europe’s elite crop!
You can track Sean’s results here.

Good luck, Sean!

Written by Eli Walker

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