What About Kids?

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Most kids learn differently than adults. They learn by watching, copying, trying, doing, rather than intellectualizing. Words and images that are meaningful to adults may mean nothing to kids, and vice versa.  So, ideally, we like to teach kids in one group (or individually) and adults in another.  We fill our kids lessons with games, challenges and fun. It’s a lesson that doesn’t have the students thinking whatsoever about what they are learning!

Many parents ask us, “When should I start my kids skiing?” Kids as young as 2 and 3 have been put on skis and had some fun with it. However at young ages, few kids have the core strength to control their skis. More importantly, they lack the attention span. Remember, if you want to get your kids into skiing, you want them to have fun. Introducing skiing in small doses works the best: walking on skis indoors on a carpet or scooting around on snow with only one ski. Waiting until your child has reached the age of 6-7 for his or her first “real” lesson with a professional instructor is advised.

Great Glen Trails also offers special programs for kids throughout the winter. Get more information on our Family Programs.

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