What to Expect from a Lesson

Part of a successful first day on snow is knowing what to expect. You won’t be ready for the Olympics, but you will be gliding and having fun. By the end of your lesson, you will be able to explore the easiest trails at Great Glen Trails.


Here’s how our lessons work:

First, we match you with skis, boots and poles from our rental fleet. But we won’t just hand you the set and send you on your way. You will meet your instructor, and inside the lodge you’ll learn a little about the equipment and how to put on your skis and use your poles. Then it’s out on the snow.

The most important part of learning to ski is often overlooked: being comfortable just standing on your skis. We’ll help you get familiar with moving around on your skis on a flat surface.

Now, that you’re comfortable on skis, you need to learn how to get up. Sooner or later, all skiers take a tumble on the snow. That’s OK, even the most seasoned skiers take a fall from time to time. It’s part of the learning process, and not something to fear. The key is knowing how to get up. Even before we head out onto the trails, we’ll show you how to get up…and get up gracefully.

Next, we head out to the teaching area where you’ll really learn how to ski. You will learn the athletic body position for stability on downhills. You’ll learn to control your speed by angling your skis while gliding down a small incline. You will learn the correct body position for efficient skiing on flats and uphills. You will learn the timing of using your skis and poles and learn how to use the poles to add to your glide. You will learn and practice the kick and glide that make cross country skiing so much fun. You will try the herringbone technique for conquering steeper hills.

Sound like a lot? Don’t worry, your instructor will work with you every step of the way. And your instructor will make sure you’re having fun.

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