Why Take a Lesson

It’s certainly been said many times that learning to cross country ski is easy. In fact, it is. The old adage “if you can walk, you can ski” has some truth to it.DSCN0186

However, it would be more accurate to say, “if you can walk, you can walk on skis.” But that really isn’t cross country skiing at its best. Learning to glide on skis—this brings the feeling that has so many hooked on the sport.

In a lesson, we will speed you along the learning curve. You will be enjoying the delight in gliding and controlling your skis and poles far more quickly than if you tried to figure it out “on your own.” Lessons will teach you the rhythm of applying power for propulsion followed by a relaxed state during which you ride your glide. In other words, our lessons will teach you good ski technique, and good technique is what makes skiing fun.

Taking a lesson from a professional also eliminates the “complications” that learning from a family member or a significant other can create.

While it is great to have your first day on skis happen on a beautiful, packed powder snow day, taking a lesson on a day with more challenging conditions is definitely a wise choice. Your instructor can anticipate the challenges of the conditions, and better prepare you to ski safely.

What Should I Expect from a Lesson?
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