The carriage roads at Great Glen Trails are the perfect place to bring the entire family for a bike ride. Our smooth and well-marked carriage roads let you explore the forest and take in the mountain views. Your family will pedal through beautiful meadows, pass scenic rivers and see stunning mountain vistas. We offer rentals for adults and kids. Go at your own pace. Bring a picnic lunch. Take this time to break away and relax—with the whole family.

Saturday, September 6th our trails are closed for biking UNTIL NOON due to the Paul Letarte Cross Country Invitational. Spectating on foot is welcome – come cheer on some of the best runners in the state!

Mountain biking, family, biking, great glen trailsGet rental bike rates and information, a trail map, or learn about our pump track.

Please Note: From July 8th through August 26th our trails are closed to biking on Tuesday afternoons starting at 3:30pm due to the Summer Mountain Bike Series On Tuesdays, bike rentals will only be available until 2:00pm. For more information, please call 603.466.3988.

We also close our trails during the 24 Hours of Great Glen Mountain Bike Race. Trails will be closed Friday August 8-Sunday August 10, 2014. Join us for some fun games and check out the racing under the tent!!

Did you know we guide multi day Teen Wilderness Adventure trips for the AMC?
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Advanced Riding
Cruise through the woods on our web of single-track trails throughout the system. Long loops and technical challenges are all waiting. And, with trail names like Outback and Whiplash along with our famous Plunge, Great Glen Trails is the place to test your mettle.


Great Glen offers personalized mountain bike lessons that can bring your riding techniques to a new level. There are many areas we can cover, like how to ride with suspension and improving your riding transitions (hills and corners). Develop your skills for climbing and descending single track, and learn about fitness and training techniques that will help you to be physically and mentally prepared for long or short rides. These lessons are a great way to get ready to ride the 24 Hours of Great Glen. We’ll take you out on the course for a preview and practice.