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Quick Details

Adult Ages 13 and up
Junior Ages 6 to 12

A great way to enjoy winter.

We love introducing people to this incredible sport. With our world-class instruction in our ski school and consistently upgraded rental fleet, we will provide you with the skills and equipment you need to enjoy a day out sliding on the snow. Skate skiing can be your “go-to” winter exercise but a starter lesson is a must. Maybe you’ve been classic skiing for a while watching others zoom around on skate skis? Just enroll in an all-inclusive lesson package and try it out for yourself.

One learn to skate ski lesson package INCLUDES:

  • 1 hour lesson
  • Trail pass
  • Skate ski / boot / pole rental for the day

Cross country skiing 101:

There are two different techniques of cross country skiing, classic and skate. Classic skiing is done primarily with the skier’s skis oriented straight ahead, skis running parallel. A specific type of wax or some kind of mechanical gripping design exists on the bottom of the ski’s midsection, to keep the skis from sliding backward. Trails are groomed with “tracks”, parallel grooves set in the snow to make the experience easier. Skate skiing uses skis designed solely for gliding, without a midsection gripping design, making use of lateral movements to move forward. A flat and firm surface created by grooming helps to make skate skiing easier.

In a Learn to Ski Lesson, we can teach you either discipline, but we always recommend learning to classic ski first. This package is for those who already feel confident Classic skiing and are now looking to learn how to Skate ski. Soon enough, we’ll have you hooked on this incredible sport!